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My branch of Bank of Ireland is located in the bank's headquarters building, on Lower Baggot Street. I was formerly in a small branch (Pembroke) at Baggot Street Bridge, but that went the way of all too many of the smaller branches in Ireland. I won't get into the poor standard of customer service and the inexorable closing-down of local branch after local branch — chill out, Jimbo, and take a calm-down pill! — because that will only upset me. Suffice to say that I visit this building reasonably regularly, mostly to make lodgements or to organise starter packs of foreign currency. The building itself was built in the '60s, designed by Michael Scott & Partners, with Robin Walker (my professor when I studied architecture) the partner in charge. Robin had previously worked with Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, and was most heavily influenced by Mies. The Bank of Ireland HQ reflects this influence to the extent that it might well have been designed by the great man himself.

This building was an icon of modern Ireland when it was built, and was an absolute mecca for architectural students like myself during construction. Sadly, it hasn't really stood the test of time, as can be seen from the cladding in this photo. I heard recently that the blame for this lies with the client, who refused to spend the extra money requested by the architects for top-notch, long-lasting materials. Whatever the reason, it all looks a bit sad these days. But that certainly cannot be said of the dramatic, large-scale sculptures which grace the public plazas. This one is called Reflections, is by sculptor Michael Bulfin, and dates from 1975. I see it regularly when I visit my bank branch, but it's only since becoming a Shutterchancer that I've looked at it anew. It's an extraordinarily dramatic piece of work.

Ginnie from Atlanta, GA, United States 3 Jun 2007, 01:28
Great lines and angles for this pic, Jimbo. It looks like the yellow sculpture does much to brighten things up here at this bank!
Jimbo: Good old reliable Ginnie, my most faithful commenter (is there such a word?). There's also a pretty dramatic bright red sculture one another public plaze. May be I'll see if the camera likes that too.

Philosophical Karen 3 Jun 2007, 04:32
Very interesting lesson in architecture, Irish banking, public sculpture and the influence of Shutterchance on photographic vision. Just kidding! I love the photo. Beautiful composition.
Jimbo: Thanks for your witty comment Karen.

Bernie from Stoke-on-Trent 3 Jun 2007, 11:21
Really interesting building - like the angles.
Jimbo: Bernie: Nice to see you here, and thanks for the kind comment. I see from your bio that you're originally from Ireland. What part? I also see that you're a seasoned Shutterchancer, so I've added you to my Buddies and will check out your archive.

bridge 3 Jun 2007, 13:45
Great composition, lovely shot.
Jimbo: Thanks fgor stopping by, bridge, and for leaving your comment. Much appreciiated. Now I must work through your archive.

Ellie 3 Jun 2007, 17:47
You're right, it is dramatic.

Sad when you think of 'iconic' buildings crumbling because of scrimping on building materials. Makes me wonder whether some of the expensive new structures of today will still be around in even fifty years time. Shutterchance makes you think, doesn't it? wink
Jimbo: It's interesting that the sculpture has stood the ttest oof time wonderfully well. I hope they can do something to rescue the building.

David Atkinson 3 Jun 2007, 20:25
I like this sort of architectural shot. It works well. All the best, Dave
Jimbo: Thanks Dave. It's also fascinating to see how the multiple thumbnails of this on my Comments page form their own interesting effect.

latest comment
Red Pen 4 Jun 2007, 23:43
Wow. I love the drama of the vibrant color and the angles.
Jimbo: I'm glad you like it, Red Pen. I tried many different views on site, but this one certainly looked the best option in the display.

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