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photoblog image Delicate white glory
Spring Blossoms | no. 2 of a series of 3

I stopped outside St Anne's Park in Clontarf with the intention of taking some shots of trees in blossom. There was no shortage of opportunities. Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by magnificent displays of new life springing into being on the many trees which line the main pathway in the park. Most of the trees have helpful tags nearby for non-horticulturalists such as I, but I didn''t have anything with me to take notes. This particular specimen proved irresistable, though.

I set the camera to macro mode, stopped back by 2/3 of a stop, switched to spot metering, and zeroed in on this. I've cropped the original slightly (cutting out an additional blossom to the left). Otherwise, it's just as it came out of the camera. The photo is time-stamped at 12.16 pm on 18th April.

Ginnie from Atlanta, GA, United States 20 Apr 2007, 13:00
Absolutely facbulous, Jimbo! The dark background is perfect for these white flowers. I love the play of light and shadows. I particulary like the there's nothing 'blown' on the white blossoms. This is going to my Likeys!
Jimbo: Wow! Thanks for the kind comment Ginnie. I'm really thrilled to have something of mine in your Likey collection.

Wolfgang 20 Apr 2007, 15:50
Great photo with a good contrast to the background.
Jimbo: Thanks for the comment Wolfgang.

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Ellie 21 Apr 2007, 00:13
You really are going to have to go back and find out what all these flowers are, otherwise I'm going to end up making a complete fool of myself. This looks a bit like a pear, but I'm not at all sure.

Whatever it is, it makes a beautiful picture. smile
Jimbo: I'll do my best Ellie. Like I say, the tree is tagged, and I remember where it is, so I'll go back and check. I better make it quick, though, otherwise the blossom will be gone and I won't recognise it.

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for this photo I'm in a constructive critical comments icon ShMood©
camera Canon PowerShot A620
exposure mode full manual
shutterspeed 1/800s
aperture f/4.0
sensitivity unknown
focal length 8.4mm
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